Picture Frame rate:
24 FPS , 23.976 (23.98) HD / 24P

Audio Rate: Specs 48048, 30 NDF, BWF, 24 Bit, Poly / 48000, 29.97 NDF, BWF, 24 Bit, Poly

Please keep Master and Backup Sound roll numbers consistent. For example, Dat Backup #1 should match DVD #1.

If you need more than 1 roll per master/backup please use an A,B,C in that roll number. For example, if you had 3 Dats to back up dvd #1, they should be call DAT1A, DAT1B, DAT1C. All being on DVD #1 and so forth.

If you are shooting directly to a Pro-Tools system, please organize folders/sessions by ROLL Number NOT scene number. Again, match the roll numbers with the other dailies, ie: backup media.

We can accept the following digital media formats: DVD-R, DVD-RAM, Firewire Drives, USB 2.0 Drives.

A firewire drive with all the proper sound roll folders is preferred, as they load faster than DVD's.

If you are sending DVD's, please burn them in the UDF or FAT32 format. We also can use DATS but a digital medium is preferred.

If you have any questions please call Kevin or Nate A.S.A.P. 818-845-8050


download .pdf for these specs