Erich Gann

A native of Texas, Erich Gann studied music performance and education at the University of Arkansas. After getting his Bachelor of music in 1997, he continued his education at Full Sail University where he studied film & recording arts. In 1999, Erich relocated to Los Angeles where he began his sound career working for Sol 7 recording studios in Sherman Oaks, Ca., mixing and tracking various music groups and commercial spots.

In 2000, Erich was hired at Technicolor Sound Services and turned his focus to post production sound. Starting as a vault clerk and general assistant, he worked his way up to become a dubbing re-recordist and sound editor at Technicolor Glendale. Erich's involvement in projects such as Stephen Spielberg's "Taken", Start Trek's "Enterprise" and TNT's "Into the West" formed relationships that would ultimately lead him to become part of the Smart Post Sound team.

In late 2005 Erich joined the Smart Post Sound team as a sound FX editor for a range of television shows and movies of the week. In 2008 he became the Supervising Sound editor for FX's "Sons of Anarchy", which is due to carry into the 2014 season.

Erich resides in Sherman Oaks, Ca with his wife Erin and even with a demanding television schedule, he still manages to find time to perform live music on a regular basis.