More than three decades ago, a team of soundtrack artists formed a unique organization dedicated to reinventing the soundtrack creation experience. It was called Echo Sound. Between 1968 and 2005, Echo transformed the postproduction sound process, literally inventing what we know today as the complete sound package. Along the way the company won more Emmys, Golden Reels and other recognition for quality than any other sound company in the world.

The name “Echo” ultimately fell, victim to corporate consolidation, and on July 31, 2005, Smart Post Sound, Inc was born. It was a brand new company with a thirty year history, quite literally the oldest and youngest sound company in the world.

Home to top sound designers and re-recording mixers, Smart Post Sound has earned 14 Emmys and 34 Golden Reels. We proudly provide the most beautiful, technologically advanced facilities in the world in conjunction with a design and mix team dedicated to your complete satisfaction. After years of experience working with facilities that are determined to provide less for more, our team is excited by the opportunity to provide more for less. We are dedicated to identifying and serving the unique needs of your project so that the value you receive exceeds the cost.

By aligning our prices with the creative value perceived by the client and the highest level of accountability in the post sound business, Smart Post Sound has redefined the industry value curve. The result is the ongoing realization of our vision.... “To provide the best soundtrack creation experience in the world”